PT Marka Inspektindo Technical (MARINDOTECH)

is an inspection and certification company, that established on September 1995, to provide technical inspection and certification services for oil & gas sector and other related industries with experiences more than 18 years in oil & gas industry.

Supported by dynamic and qualified professionals graduated from reputable and recognized university that highly trained based on National and International standard /code to meet the highest level of excellence that accredited as an inspection and certification agency by the authorized regulatory bodies, such as Director General of Oil and Gas, and Director General of Electricity and Director General of Geothermal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Director General of Manpower and Safety Supervision Development and Occupational Health at the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.

With the past experiences in various business line, including oil & gas, geothermal, power generation, petrochemical industries, PT MARINDOTECH delivered innovation of services in various kinds of surveying, inspection and consultancy services to bring in added value to the customers, governments, state owned enterprises well as private corporation.

Certification Services :

  • Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger Equipment
  • Storage Tank Equipment
  • Pipelines & Infrastructure
  • Rotating ( Pump & Compressor )
  • Electrical Equipment ( Power Generator, Power Transformer, and Distribution Panel )
  • Oil and Gas Exploration & Exploitation, Refine & Treatment, Storage & Marketing Plants
  • Fixed/ Floating Offshore Installations / Platform
  • Crane is used to lift goods or people
  • Custody Transfer Measurement System
  • Pressure Safety Valve

Other Technical Services :

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Hydrostatic Test Services
  • Annual Metering Calibration
  • Lifting Equipment ( Lifting Appliances and Gear ) Inspection
  • Hardness test services
  • Crane testing ( Load Testing )
  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Worldwide Inspection & Expediting